We Never Shall Marry

Never Shall Marry cover 1

We Never Shall Marry
a Victorian Romance
by Nicola Nickleby 

London in the 1870s.  Grace Norris is young and attractive but, knowing her father shamed the family years before, is determined neither she nor her sisters shall marry.  Kitty is too young to marry, Grace will not, and Hester seems disinclined to do so, as she is drawn to the dominating Georgina across the street.  Georgina’s brother, a consumptive, seeks to save Hester from his manipulative sister, but can’t find a way to do it.

Because of their straightened circumstances, the family must take a paying lodger, and it is John Waterhouse, English but returned from America who, one foggy night, comes to lodge with the family.  He has little money himself and, although increasingly attracted to Grace, remains correctly aloof from the three Norris daughters.  But then the family secret is revealed, and threatens to wreck their lives again.

Available November 2015


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