Victorian Women Writers

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An essential – illustrated – guide to those industrious but often overlooked women writers of the Victorian era; the famous, the not-so-famous – and the naughty bits too!  Not just Who Are They? but What Were They Really Like?  For instance, did you know:

  • How much Helen Bannerman sold the copyright to her Little Black Sambo for? (Could she sell it today at all, in our PC world?)
  • How old the Countess of Blessington was when her dissolute farmer father sold her off to marry an equally dissolute English army captain?
  • Who married her publisher and looked after his children for a decade and a half before his insane wife died?
  • Which woman author was committed to an asylum by her more famous author husband?
  • Which author, lame from birth, was accidentally burned to death while writing?
  • Which author used to sail along the Avon in her version of Cleopatra’s barge (a gondola imported from Venice)?
  • Which woman wrote that ‘Men hate to find a woman’s husband sitting about when they call’?
  • Which woman (famously related) faced perils such as swamps and rapids, crocodiles and leeches, cannibals and an aggressive gorilla – and climbed a mountain as well?
  • Which author was also the first Jewish woman in England to be cremated?
  • Who became deaf at nineteen and thereafter cut a striking figure with her ear-trumpet?

These are just a few examples – and they come from only the first half of the alphabet!
VAM225 headpiece 1Take a look at some of these pre-publication extracts from the A-Z section of the book, which are probably as they will appear in the final version, although some of the entries may yet be further expanded.  We stress that these are just a handful of the women discussed, and the pieces here are just to give you a flavour of the joys to come!

Do feel free to contact us with comments and please  <Like> or <Share> any entries (including this one!) that you do like.

Choose any of these – as many as you like:

Rhoda Broughton
Eliza Cook
Marie Corelli
The Howitts
Amy Levy
Harriet Martineau
Nicola Nickleby
Christina Rossetti
Fanny Trollope


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