Stories I Can’t Tell

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Stories I Can’t Tell (an illustrated confessional)
By Maggie King

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What secrets lurk in her trunk of theatrical souvenirs?

On the eve of World War Two Maggie King waits for the man coming to ghost-write a celebrity memoir.  Her theatrical trunk is packed with programmes, handbills, letters and photos, both from her own career and that of her parents – Albert and Annie King (‘the Royal Family’), middle-ranking performers in Music Hall and Variety.  She recalls the ups and downs of her rackety life, including hits and flops, romance and tragedy, the men who mattered and the man who caused the scandal that would blight her career.

Having been brought on stage as a babe-in-arms by her parents, she went on to become a child performer, a pierrot, an actress, soubrette and singer.  She made her first gramophone records in the early years of pre-electric acoustic 78 rpm records (before microphones!) and then, in the Twenties and Thirties, found more success as a crooner with top British dance bands.

As she shares her memories, showing you pictures and scraps of memorabilia, she’ll tell what really happened, as opposed to what she’ll tell the biographer.  Only you will hear the stories she can’t tell.

(Available NOW!)
Click to read on Kindle
in all other digital formats
and in paperback

or you can read an extract on the author’s website – click How it starts

or (tut, tut) just take a look at some of Maggie’s competitors in The Beauty Parade of 1939
You can hear music from that era too. Watch the video!


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