Short Stories

Pressed for time? Why not try one of these PROSPERO SHORTS?

Several original Russell James short stories (some almost long enough to be better described as novellas) are now inexpensive eBooks.
For every kind of reading device try Smashwords

For KINDLE’s version of THE BREAK click h e r e
And for NOOK click h e r e



Brace cover jpgThe KINDLE edition of

BRACE YOURSELF is available h e r e

while Barnes & Noble’s

NOOK version is h e r e




Another you may like to try is in fact two stories, put together in Terri’s Tales (Terri is the heroine):
KINDLE’s version of TERRI’S TALES is h e r e
while the NOOK version is h e r e
You can get the tale in any format from Smashwords





Another bargain pairing of stories is in LOST, which actually contains the only story Russell James has ever written with a detective as its hero, along with a prison tale in lighter vein – How is that possible? – called WHAT’S MY NAME?

LOST can be found (ha, ha) in its KINDLE version
or in its KOBO version here.
Barnes & Noble have their NOOK version here.





And why not go for a collection of six tales – it’ll cost you only slightly more – in The London Sextet?

London Sextet coverTo buy The London Sextet from Amazon click h e r e.
To get the eBook from Barnes & Noble, click h e r e.
For all other versions, click here.



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