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WELCOME to the Prospero Authors’ Collective, where hand-selected books from hand-selected authors guarantee a great read every time. We may be small – and new! – but our range is wide. These are real books. All are available as ebooks (at very reasonable prices) and many can be had in print format too. (Some have been in print for years!) Take a glance at our nest of authors and at our current and forthcoming titles. It’s hard to make an impact against the big boys and get known, and that’s why we need your help – so please LIKE and SHARE us, and pass on our address to your friends. Thank you!

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Just out! A great new novel from Russell James: MOTHER NAKED
Click now for a sneak preview.

While writing the book Russell recorded his progress week by week in his Writer’s Diary. Each  entry would have taken you less than a minute to read – and we think they’re great! They’re still on line, so take a look – right here.

MOTHER NAKED is available as a paperback from Amazon: H E R E
or on Kindle H E R E

ALSO AVAILABLE! Here’s the first-ever guide to GIFT BOOKS FOR GOOD CAUSES, written by James Havers and packed with fabulous illustrations. A must-have for bibliophiles and second-hand book collectors. Published by Prospero both as a KINDLE version (Click here)
or, given that this is a book about real ink-on-paper books, the paperback makes a great gift! (Click here)
– You can preview on our site (CLICK to see).

Tales of the Victorian era.  Check this lovely collection of original Victorian Romances from Nicola Nickleby (what do you mean, you haven’t heard of her?)
Also, in 2016 we’ll be issuing a new guide to Victorian Woman Writers!

Meanwhile . . .

Recently out on Kindle – Maggie King’s fascinating and amusing journey into the world of Music Hall, Variety and 1930s Dance Bands. Lots of pictures too! Take a look at Stories I Can’t Tell

You can read an extract on the co-author’s website – click How it starts
Click to read more on Kindle
or (tut, tut) just take a look at some of Maggie’s competitors in The Beauty Parade of 1939

There’s even music from that era too. Take your pick from any of our videos!

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